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Reflections on Snowden

Career Suicide by Gmail

Obama Unbound

Way of the yurt

Now It's Humanitarian Bots?

Art vs Famine at the Ariana

The Enemy within

The Tweet that Kills

No Exit from Afghanistan?

Syria: End Game and the Standing Ovation

Syria: The Point of No return?

Higgs Boson? Maybe...

Enter the Muslim Brotherhood

Cashing in at Art Basel

Remembering Trang Bang and an iconic photograph of the Vietnam War after 40 years

Exxopolis: Architects of Air and Alan Parkinson create an intriguing environnment with an inflatable structure at Nottingham

In the Shadow of the Dragon (with Winter Nie, Published in the USA by AMACOM, May 23, 2012, available through and Kindle)

Sebastien Tondeur globalizes the connection business
(Exceptional Magazine, Jan-June 2012)

Outsourcing Conflict Resolution

B'tselem Creates a Video network to Protect Human Rights on the West Bank

Looking for the Gold in Global Communications

20 Years after the Fatwah Against Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses

The Photographer as Documentalist

Balthus at Martigny

Setting Guidelines for the Internally Displaced

Credit crunch: an end to global generosity?

CERN's Large Hadron Collider: in search of the 'Big Bang'

Vik Muniz discovers instant sculpture and photography

Food insecurity

Jill Seaman fights kala azar and saves an African tribe

Juan Maldacena solves one of physics' impressive riddles

Mastering climate change

American Wahabbis (2005)

China fights to control the Internet

Predictions about Iraq: What to expect after the war (2003)

About Iraq: Anyone remember Beirut? (2003)

Vietnam and the 2004 election campaign (2004)

Lumumba revisited (2001)

The search for a life-saving chimera

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